2021-02-14 - 2021-02-14
JR Nakayama station



  • Ena, Matthew

Enjoy nature with friends. We’ll walk around Shiki-no-mori park in Nakayama on Sunday, 14th of February.

Shiki-no-mori park is a very large park (453,000 square metres) with a lake, rice paddy fields, thousands of trees and flowers, and walking trails.

The park has plenty of vending machines and toilets.

Please bring a packed lunch to eat in the park. If you prefer, you can buy something in Nakayama at the bakery or convenience store.

Meet on Sunday, 14th of February at 10:30 am. Please wait at the Yokohama line ticket gate in JR Nakayama station.


  1. Packed lunch
  2. Plastic sheet
  3. Mask and alcohol wipes
  4. Binoculars (双眼鏡)

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    JR Nakayama station