“I’ve heard from some foreign mom friends I met in Japan that they felt lonely, ran into language barriers, and had some difficulties here. People around me always helped me when I was working and living abroad. I would like to help as many foreigners as possible, just as they helped me. I would like to do my best to connect with each other at SCC family events and Oyaco family support.

When working at SCC, I wanted to support international members of staff at first, but on the contrary, all of them became more and more active and helpful. At times like that, I am very happy. As a participant, I have participated in many attractive events. I want to share these fun moments with more people.

For me, “diversity” means knowing the differences and commonalities. Of course, there are cultural differences and ways of thinking. However, in the end, we are the same human beings, no matter what nationalities we are. It makes me very happy if foreigners who at first find it difficult to approach get along with each other and understand each other across countries. It’s diversity for me to gradually lower our barriers and go out with each other as the same people.”