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28  Nov
Mount Oyama, Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Oyama Mountain Adventure

Oyama Mountain Adventure Enjoy magical scenery, historical shrines and a stunning view from Oyama mountain. Oyama mountain is a unique and beautiful mountain in the Tanzawa mountain range. It's less crowded that Mount Takao but still easy to get to. This is a challenging event for adults and children 7 years+. The closest station is…

06  Dec
Online event

Take a Virtual Tour of India with Your Kids

[Scroll down for English info below!!!] 子どもと楽しむオンラインツアー・インドへ行ってみよう! コロナ禍で旅行のスタイルも変わり、オンラインで、誰でも、どこからでも、バーチャル旅行を楽しめる時代です。NPO法人Sharing Caring Cultureは、ただ海外の映像を楽しむのではなく、旅=コミュニケーションの手段と考えて、現地の人と言葉を交わし、双方向の体験を味わうことを目的に、子どもと楽しむバーチャルツアーを企画しました。 今年9月まで日本に住んでいた当団体メンバーのラチュナが居住地のデリー市内を紹介。走る三輪タクシーのトゥクトゥク、鳴り止まないクラクションの音、道路を行き来する神聖な牛などインドの日常を子どもたちに英語で紹介してくれるほか、現地のパンジャブ人家族の自宅を訪問。生中継で子どもたちとクイズを楽しむ時間を予定しています。 日本語通訳つき。どうぞお子様とお気軽にご参加ください。 本イベントは、寄付月間2020公式認定企画の一つとして、寄付月間@横浜日本大通実行委員会にエントリーしています。 集めた寄付金は、癌闘病中の当団体の運営メンバーの治療費へ充てられます。 COVID-19 has changed our travel and anyone can enjoy traveling anytime, anywhere online. Nonprofit Sharing Caring Culture has planned out a virtual tour for kids and families not only to show the place but also aiming to have interactive communication with…

13  Dec

Kamakura Adventure

Have fun outdoors! Join us for a day exploring Kamakura. (Little Kyoto) Starting at Kita-Kamakura station, we'll follow a little-known walking trail.  We'll visit"Zeniarai Benten Shrine", the money-washing shrine and the Daibusu (Great Buddha) This event is for any age but please don't bring a pushchair (stroller) because we'll walk on narrow, uneven paths. Meet…

Welcome to SCC

Sharing Caring Culture (hereinafter referred to as SCC)is an organization founded in 2014 by a group of women of diverse ethnic backgrounds living in Japan.

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Bringing Diverse People together through Cooking, Art & Culture activities


Parents and children seeking connections in the area can join the VIDA playgroup session …

Intercultural Exchange -kruco × kruco

For those who want to be involved in community activities and use their skills, we hold a …

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OYACO is a collaboration project by mothers and people from different backgrounds. SCC …

Our Mission and Vision

Unleashing the power of DIVERSITY!

We aim to deepen exchanges between international residents and Japanese, understanding cultural diversity and acknowledging the difference, to share the local problems and collaborate on solutions.

Our Vision

Create INCLUSIVE society where all individuals feel respected, are treated fairly, and can maximize the use of their uniqueness to fulfill their potential.

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The SCC Fellow is the one who engages in activities as an SCC player, supporter or join the events as a participant.



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16 Nov

Gender Equality Workshop

We held our first Gender Equality Workshop at Art Forum Azamino on Nov 14th. 11 participants came out to join the session including university students, foreign residents, and senior citizens. The director of Art Forum Azamino gave the opening speech about how this pandemic situation of COVID-19 is affecting women’s lifestyle negatively and what kind…

16 Nov

Discovering Nature at Kodomo-no-kuni

On Saturday, 24th October, 2020 we enjoyed discovering nature in "Kodomo-no-kuni" park in Yokohama. Five families joined the event. We walked around Kodomo-no-kuni and had fun with nature. We also explored some of the hidden parts of Kodomo-no-kuni! The weather was perfect and the children enjoyed playing together in the fresh air. We collected leaves,…

kruco × kruco for kids

Diversity Education Project for Children ドコモ市民活動団体助成事業 

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Create DIVERSE and INCLUSIVE society together!

Keiko Misaka Founder / Representative Director / Elementary School English Activities Instructor
Sofia OYACO editor in chief
Asako translation coordinator

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