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23  May
Universal Kids Nakamachidai

えいごであそぼう!Have fun in English!

えいごであそぼう!【3才から6才】英語で「はらぺこあおむし」の読み聞かせに、英語の動物ゲーム、記念撮影! 本格的な英語を気軽に楽しめる、英語1day体験♪ 日本人スタッフもいて安心です [先着順 21年5月23日 (日) ] 詳細は、こちらのホームページをご覧ください。 https://asobii.net/92556 (more…)

29  May

Nature Day at Kodomo-no-kuni

Have fun outdoors! Join us for a day of nature at "Kodomo-no-kuni" park in Yokohama on Saturday, the 29th of May Kodomo-no-kuni is a massive park for children. It's almost a million square metres, twice as big as Yoyogi park in Shibuya. Spring is well-and-truly here so please join together with SCC members, friends and…

25  May
5th floor Aitai Shopping Center, Center Kita Station

Meetup for Sharing Parenting Tips: First Aid

Looking for parenting tips on raising little kids in Japan? Meet local families to share parenting information in English and easy Japanese at Popola Childcare  Support Center, Center Kita. Make new friends for you and your little ones! Schedule and topics are as follows: Disaster preparedness ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ ・・ ・ ・ ・  (Tue)…

Welcome to SCC

Sharing Caring Culture (hereinafter referred to as SCC)is an organization founded in 2014 by a group of women of diverse ethnic backgrounds living in Japan.

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What We Do

Bringing Diverse People together through Cooking, Art & Culture activities


Parents and children seeking connections in the area can join the VIDA playgroup session …

Intercultural Exchange -kruco × kruco

For those who want to be involved in community activities and use their skills, we hold a …

Publication- OYACO Reference Booklet

OYACO is a collaboration project by mothers and people from different backgrounds. SCC …

Our Mission and Vision

Unleashing the power of DIVERSITY!

We aim to deepen exchanges between international residents and Japanese, understanding cultural diversity and acknowledging the difference, to share the local problems and collaborate on solutions.

Our Vision

Create INCLUSIVE society where all individuals feel respected, are treated fairly, and can maximize the use of their uniqueness to fulfill their potential.

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The SCC Fellow is the one who engages in activities as an SCC player, supporter or join the events as a participant.



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16 Nov

Gender Equality Workshop

We held our first Gender Equality Workshop at Art Forum Azamino on Nov 14th. 11 participants came out to join the session including university students, foreign residents, and senior citizens. The director of Art Forum Azamino gave the opening speech about how this pandemic situation of COVID-19 is affecting women’s lifestyle negatively and what kind…

16 Nov

Discovering Nature at Kodomo-no-kuni

On Saturday, 24th October, 2020 we enjoyed discovering nature in "Kodomo-no-kuni" park in Yokohama. Five families joined the event. We walked around Kodomo-no-kuni and had fun with nature. We also explored some of the hidden parts of Kodomo-no-kuni! The weather was perfect and the children enjoyed playing together in the fresh air. We collected leaves,…

kruco × kruco for kids

Diversity Education Project for Children ドコモ市民活動団体助成事業 

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Our Team

Create DIVERSE and INCLUSIVE society together!

Keiko Misaka Founder / Representative Director / Elementary School English Activities Instructor
Sofia OYACO editor in chief
Asako translation coordinator

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