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  • Akhila, May
SCC International PotLuck Party
A party to bring food from around the world
■Date: July 11th 2023 (Sunday)
■Time: 10 AM to 12:15 PM
*Registration starts at 9:30 AM
■Entrance fee: ¥500 per family
(including soft drinks, paper cups, plates & cutleries)
When: Sunday, June 11th 10:00-12:15
*Reception starts at 9:30
Money: 1 family / ¥500 SCC prepares
drinks, paper cups, plates, and cutlery (forks and spoons)
)To do
You are invited! Please join us for a little tasty- get-together SCC International Potluck Party! Everybody is welcome to bring one dish/food (cost is less than ¥1000) and share. No problem if you can’t cook dish. You can also buy something and bring the product instead!
If you would like to come dressed in your cultural outfits we welcome you!!! We get together to experience different cultures over food and laughter. There will be music and exciting activities for all ages too such as:
🇯🇵Ink and Art Fun!
・Design your unique Japanese postcard with a touch of traditional Japanese calligraphy and paper art origami.
🇮🇳Group Dance
・Be sure to join our Bollywood group dancing to the rhythm of Hindi film music, choreographed by one of our fellow members from India at the end of the session!
We hope to see you there!
Please RSVP asap as there’s a maximum capacity of people for the venue.
Join us for the SCC International Potluck Party! Bring a dish you made for less than 1,000 yen and share it with everyone.
It’s okay if you can’t cook. You can buy something and bring that product instead.
You are also welcome to participate in the cultural costumes of your country! ! !
We gather to enjoy a meal and experience a different culture. With music and activities, people of all ages can enjoy:
🇯🇵Let’s enjoy calligraphy and paper!
Make postcards using Japanese calligraphy paper.
🇮🇳Group dance
Let’s participate in Bollywood dance to the rhythm of Hindi film music!
We look forward to your participation!
The number of people who can participate is decided. Please apply as soon as possible.
📩How to join?
1) Fill up the google form at the link down below.
2) Be sure to follow us on our Facebook page.
3) Let us know what food you will be bringing by Leaving a comment on the SCC International Potluck Party Event page.
Add on a note if it’s Halal, Vegan, Vegetarian
📩If you would like to participate,
please 1) fill in the form and press the submit button.
2) Follow us on Facebook.
3) Please write what kind of food you will bring in the comments on this event page on Facebook.
If you bring halal, vegan or vegetarian food, please write about it as well.
This event is funded by Tokyu Kodomo Ouen Porgram .


Kakehashi Tsuzuki かけはし都筑