2024-03-02 - 2024-03-02


  • Start Date 2024-03-02 ① 12:30 ②14:30
  • End Date: 2024-03-02 ① 13:00 ②15:00
  • Cost: ¥300 for one work experience
  • Event Category: Outdoor event, world event


  • Cicceno Citta Steering Committee

Cicceno Citta 2024   One-Day Virtual Town in Utsukushigaoka Park

Calling for Child Citizens!

Cicceno Citta 2024 is a one-day virtual town built by kids and adults in the local community. Alongside stores that kids have planned and prepared for the past six months, this virtual town will have a city hall, bank, tax office, police station, fire station, radio station (and much more!), and various events will happen just like in a real town!

We are now calling for participants who can become Child Citizens of Cicceno Citta!

\What you can do as  Child Citizens /

◯ City Hall  🏢  Pay your municipal tax and become a citizen!

◯ Public Employment Security Office “Hello Work”🕋 Let’s look for a job!

◯ Bank 🏦  Get paid in Cicceno currency!

◯ Tax Office 🏬 Pay your income tax!

◯ Play in Cicceno town 🏘 You can use the Cicceno money you earn from your job!

Check the attached flyer to see what kind of jobs you can experience!

\\Event Overview //

◯ Date & Time: Saturday, March 2nd, 2024   9:30~16:00

(Last reception for work experience 15:00 / canceled only in case of heavy rain or storm)

*Language supporters from NPO Sharing Caring Culture will assist children’s work experience in English and Easy Japanese.

Children who may need assistance with the Japanese language are welcome to attend at any of the following times.

▶︎Time Slot ① 12:30~13:00  Work experience (gather by 11:00)    Max: 3 children

▶︎Time Slot ② 14:30~15:00  Work experience (gather by 13:00)    Max: 3 children

*Work experience is 30 minutes per slot.

*Entrance is free for children who will not be participating in work experience.

 *Before each session, we will go through the following procedures:

1) Register as a Child Citizen at City Hall

2) Pay a citizen’s tax of 300 yen

3) Apply for the job you want at“Hello Work”

◯ Location: Utsukushigaoka Park , Multi-Purpose Square

7-minute walk from Tama Plaza Station on Denentoshi Line

◯ Age: Children in 1st grade to 6th grade

◯ Citizen’s Tax (participation fee for work experience)  1,000 yen / per day

* Children joining the time slot ① or ②  300 yen/ per session

* Free for visitors who will not participate in work experience

◯ Capacity: 250 children  *Only Japanese. Japanese-English language support is not available.

▼Sign-ups will start from noon on Saturday, February 3, 2024 at the reservation site below (Japanese only).



First come First served. Registration will be closed when it has reached the maximum number.

▼For those who need language translation, please book the spots from here on our website.









Utsukushigaoka Park,Tamaplaza