2023-03-25 - 2023-03-25


  • Start Date 2023-03-25 10:00
  • End Date: 2023-03-25 11:30
  • Cost: ¥2,000


  • Keiko
NPO Minna no Ohashi Project (みんなのお箸プロジェクト) and SCC are teaming up to host a workshop for kids where they can create their very own chopsticks and learn how to use them properly. Children will love to use their chopsticks when they made them of their own!!!
*Each participant will use a burning marker and have their name printed on the chopsticks they make during the workshop.
【Date&Time いつ】
Saturday, March 25th, 10:00 am-11:30 am
3月(がつ)25日(にち) 10時(じ)〜11時(じ)30分(ぷん)
【Venue どこで】
Nakamachidai Chiku Center
【Participation Fee おかね】
¥2,000 (includes all the material costs お箸(はし)をつくるときのお金(かね)
【Capacity人数(にんずう)】 10 child and adult pairs (親子10組 おやこ10くみ)
【Age なん才(さい)】 5 years above (5才〜)
【Instructor 教(おし)えてくれる人(ひと)】
NPO法人みんなのお箸プロジェクト (Minnano Ohashi Project)
【Sign-up here もうしこみ】
See you there!