2024-04-19 - 2024-04-19



  • Akhila, Flavia

Join us for a creative and interactive crafting session where you can make your personalized keychain using vinyl. No heat, ink, or UV light is required, just your imagination and the materials provided.

We’ll come together in a friendly atmosphere to craft and chat, with our member from Brazil generously sharing her Cameo to create the vinyl cutouts for the charms. Let’s enjoy the art of crafting together!



■Date&Time: いつ

Friday, April 19th

10:30 am-12:00 pm





Kakehashi Tsuzuki かけはし都築


■Facilitator: 教(おし)える人(ひと)

Flavia and Akhila



Adults 大人(おとな)


■Capacity: 人数(にんずう)

20 persons 20人(にん)


■Participation Fee: お金(かね)

 ¥500 per person ひとり ¥500 

*Material costs are included.



* To ensure we can prepare the right amount of materials, please send a cancellation email to
info.sccjapan@gmail.com if you’re unable to attend.

* 材料(ざいりょう)の用意(よう意)をするので、参加(さんか)できないときはメールで

info.sccjapan@gmail.com までキャンセルすることを知(し)らせてください。


* Please ensure the safety of your child by keeping an eye on them during the crafting session.

* 作業(さぎょう)をしているときは、子(こ)どもの様子(ようす)を気(き)をつけて見(み)てください。




Kakehashi Tsuzuki, Center Minami