2022-07-13 - 2022-07-13



  • Elena, Akhila

Join us for our next Crafty Me session where we will paint a small picture with watercolors.  Let us learn some tips for easy painting in a small postcard all in a very casual atmosphere. 

Let’s chit-chat while we craft and show off our homemade items and we make new friends.  

おしゃべりしながら 絵(え)の具(ぐ)で かんたんな絵(え)を描(か)きましょう!

●Date日にち:  Wednesday, July 13th, 2022

●Time 時間:  10:15am ~ 12:30pm

●Place 場所:  

Tsuzuki My Plaza, Center Kita


●Organizers :  Akhila and Elena

●Fee 参加費:  500 yen includes tea and material cost お茶代、材料費(ざいりょうひ)

●What to bring持ち物:  Watercolor paint and brushes (100 yen store items OK)


●Booking申し込み:  Fill in the form below. 7月12日までにフォームに書いて申し込みしてください。

https://forms.gle/DrZY8FpeWEK143WV7 by July 12th. 

*Note:  This activity is planned for grown ups but you’re welcome to bring your little one if needed.