2022-06-24 - 2022-06-24



  • Elena, Akhila
Join us in our June session of Crafty Me.
This time we will learn how to make a simple but useful envelope out of a magazine page
for those informal situations where we want to pay a fee in a cute envelope.
We will also have our regular meditation and casual chat.
Come and have a relaxing time we had planned for you.
** This is the session for moms to relax and chat but we welcome your little ones into our Crafty Me club.
We politely ask you to keep an eye on your children so that they will not get injured with the craft materials and tools.
Everybody welcome!
You don’t need to be a 🪢Crafty person to try our super simple crafting.
【Date & Time】June 24th, Friday 10:15 am-12:15 pm (you can stay as long as you want to).
【Venue】Tsuzuki MY Plaza, 5F, Northport Mall (Center Kita)
【Facilitators】Akhila and Elena
【Participation Fee】 ¥500
【Capacity】 10 persons
【How to book】 Sign up by sending an email to crafty.me.scc@gmail.com
*Please sign up by June 23rd