2020-09-13 - 2020-09-13


  • Start Date 2020-09-13 10:45
  • End Date: 2020-09-13 17:30
  • Cost: ¥500 yen per family (Free for SCC members)
  • Event Category: Outdoor event


  • Matthew, Ena

Enoshima Beach and Island Adventure

Now the weather is becoming more comfortable let’s enjoy the beauty of Enoshima. We’ll play on the beach, have a picnic lunch, then explore the island. If you have any energy left, join us for dinner in the evening.

Meet at 10:45am at Kugenuma-Kaigan Station on the Odakyu-Enoshima line.
We’ll divide into two groups of 20-25. The beach is about 10 minutes walk from the station.
After lunch we’ll go to the island. There’s so much to see on the island including a mysterious cave and a beautiful botanical garden.

In the evening we can watch the sunset. After that, you’re welcome to join us for dinner.


  1. Meet 10:45 at Kugenuma-Kaigan Station Odakyu Enoshima Line(arrive early if you need to buy food!)
  2. Walk to the beach/
  3. Relax on the beach until around 12:30. Have a picnic lunch.
  4. Go to Katase-Enoshima station to say goodbye to some people.
  5. Stay on the island until sunset. We can go to the cave and/or the botanical garden
  6. Optional dinner after, we’ll split between 2 or 3 restaurants (eg. Kua’Aina, Capricciosa)

Bring a mask, a picnic lunch, a sheet to sit on and alcohol hand gel.

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Enoshima beach