2019-12-22 - 2019-12-22


  • Start Date 2019-12-22 13:30
  • End Date: 2019-12-22 15:30
  • Cost: ¥900
  • Event Category: Workshop

This month we have a programming workshop for kids aged 6-10.

Programming is a powerful and fun way for your child to express themselves.

In this beginner’s 2-hour workshop your child will use their imagination to create a unique game.

We’ll use a simple but powerful programming language so your child will learn how to think like a programmer.

Although the language is designed for children, all the principles are exactly the same in professional languages.

Children in Japan now have almost unlimited access to technology.

But the sad truth is most children (and adults!) only use technology to consume, not create…

This workshop lets your child express themselves and use their creative imagination.

Recently in Japan kids’ programming workshops are around 6000-15000 yen.

Maybe you’ve seen the adverts.

But Sharing Caring Culture a non-profit organisation so your child can join the workshop for just 900 yen.

You do need to provide a laptop for your child.
Any laptop is ok: Mac, Windows or Linux all support the programming language we’re using (It’s called Scratch).

We can only take 12 children so please email at keiko.scc@gmail.com straight away to get a space for your child.

See you on Sunday 22nd December!

ps. Remember to bring a laptop for your child.

Date & Time: Sun 22nd, 13:30-15:30
Place: Artforum Azamino
Fee: 900 yen per child
Age-range: 6-10 years old
Instructor: Matthew Dons
Capacity of Seats: 12 children

IMPORTANT: Please bring a laptop for your child

Please email keiko.scc@gmail.com with your child’s name and age, and your name and phone number.

Use the email subject: “programming”


Seminar room, Artforum Azamino