2021-02-05 - 2021-02-05
Online (Zoom)
10:30 - 11:30



  • Keiko, Elena, Ena
  • Email info.sccjapan@gmail.com

This event is postponed. We’ll let you know the new date as soon as possible.

Just as we’re still at the beginning of the year, times goes by so fast.

Join us in our next Oyaco online Zoom session where we’ll be chatting about kindergarten life in Japan.

Let’s chat about this big change in the environment for kids and the new challenges parents will experience, as well as where to find support.
Our main facilitator will be Risa. Risa is a nursery teacher and taking care of children with diverse cultural backgrounds. You’ll be able to ask about your concerns on this topic.

◉Date & Time:
Friday, February 5th 10:30am-11:30am
◉Place: Zoom meeting room
◉Facilitators:Keiko Misaka /Elena Quesada Díaz / Ena Fujinuma
◉Participation Fee: Free of charge!
〈Contents 内容ないよう〉
10:30 Greetings  あいさつ
-Icebreaker アイスブレイク
Check out the body parts in English and Japanese 体(からだ)の部分(ぶぶん)を英語(えいご)と日本語(にほんご)で言(い)ってみよう
-Radio Taiso (Ena)
10:40 A day in kindergarten
11:20 Mom’s chat(Q&A session)
11:30 Goodbye
■How to SIGN UP
We will send you an online meeting URL link a day before the session date so please send your name and contact email address to
info.sccjapan@gmail.com or use the form below.
送(おく)ります。名前(なまえ)とメールアドレスを書(か)いて、info.sccjapan @gmail.comまで申(もう)し込(こ)みください。


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