2023-11-12 - 2023-11-12



  • Dana, Sheka
Join us for a fantastic journey to Latvia and Bhutan, where we’ll introduce you to the rich cultures of these beautiful countries.
🇱🇻Latvian Delights:
Discover the wonders of Latvia as our Latvian ambassador guides you through the country’s unique details. Ever heard of a “Puzuris”? It’s a traditional Latvian Christmas decoration, and we will make it together. Experience the charm of Latvia with us!
🇧🇹Bhutanese Beauty:
Next, we’ll embark on a cultural journey to Bhutan. Our Bhutanese ambassador will share fascinating insights about this enchanting country. Plus, you’ll get to create a Friendship Bracelet using the Bhutanese weaving technique—a skill passed down for centuries. Don’t miss this chance to travel the world right in your neighborhood. Come and join us for a day filled with culture, crafts, and connections!
Sunday, November 12th
①10:30 am-11:30 am
②11:40 am~12:40 pm
■Venue: どこ
Nosupo Park のすぽぱーく, B1 Northport Mall
Center Kita https://northport.jp/access/
■Participation Fee:お金(かね)
¥500 per family / 1家族(かぞく)
This session is for children 6 years and older
Parents can’t attend the session. We count siblings as a family.
■Capacity 人数(にんずう):10 families 10家族(かぞく)
This event is funded by Tokyu Kodomo Ouen Program 2023.


Nosupo Park のすぽぱーく, B1 Northport Mall