Andrew is the co-organiser of SCC's outdoor "Friends and Family" events. He also runs the non-profit Yokohama Theatre Group:

"I'm involved with SCC because life as an immigrant can be pretty isolating, and I think it's important to have a platform that offers activities and social opportunities for international children and their families.

What I love most about SCC is the accessibility of the programs and activities and the kindness of the volunteers and members.

Diversity is the spice of human existence."


Bilingual officer

"I've heard from some foreign mom friends I met in Japan that they felt lonely, ran into language barriers, and had some difficulties here. People around me always helped me when I was working and living abroad. I would like to help as many foreigners as possible, just as they helped me. I would like to do my best to connect with each other at SCC family events and Oyaco family support.

When working at SCC, I wanted to support international members of staff at first, but on the contrary, all of them became more and more active and helpful. At times like that, I am very happy. As a participant, I have participated in many attractive events. I want to share these fun moments with more people.

For me, “diversity” means knowing the differences and commonalities. Of course, there are cultural differences and ways of thinking. However, in the end, we are the same human beings, no matter what nationalities we are. It makes me very happy if foreigners who at first find it difficult to approach get along with each other and understand each other across countries. It's diversity for me to gradually lower our barriers and go out with each other as the same people."


Program Designer

"Through SCC I would like to help women who are skilled and waiting for a platform to share their talent. The thing I like most about SCC is that it connects people from different background and thereby helps me to know about their culture and life experience.

To me, "Diversity" is respecting and celebrating together."


Program Designer

"I want to help people using SCC as a volunteer and also a participant.

Aside from meeting new people after joining SCC, I am able to help others by sharing some of my experiences of living and raising kids in Japan. It’s a good opportunity to help spread my own culture and language too!

For me, “diversity” is all about having love and respect for people coming from different places."


Office and Administrative Coordinator

Yuko helps keep SCC running smoothly. She takes part in the weekly admin meetings and carries out admin work such as informing SCC participants about upcoming events.

"I want to help mothers who are raising kids in Japan to get to know people more and support them. I also want children to have an opportunity to meet and learn about different countries and cultures.

What I love most about SCC is it provides opportunities for families and kids to get to know different cultures in a “feel free” atmosphere which I think is a precious opportunity for children.

My idea of “diversity” is knowing and accepting that there are many people from different backgrounds. From my experience, no matter how hard you try it is very difficult to perfectly understand and accept a different culture, religion, or opinion. But, I believe that we can start by knowing and accepting each other’s differences."

Chiharu Uchida

Board of Director / Professor of Toyo University

Chiharu is on the Board of Directors with Keiko and Sunyoung.
"I want to help people by sharing my experience as a preschool teacher in Japan and the U.S., and interacting parents and children with my university students.

The thing I like most about SCC is the openness of the people.

I think diversity means 'Possibility'. Diversity brings more possibility in any community. Differences bring things to think about, lighten up ordinary things so that we can see them from new angles, and many other inspirations. "


Office and Administrative Coordinator

Matthew is an Office and Administrative Coordinator with Yuki.

"I volunteer for SCC because I want to help children get along well with each other. I also want children to know more about the world. I help children become more confident so they can make a better future for themselves.

The thing I enjoy most about SCC is getting to know the volunteers and participants. I love planning events and joining the events too.

My idea of diversity is seeing different ways of doing things and finding better ways to work together.


Office and Administrative Coordinator

"I want to support people who feel uncomfortable or isolated in the community. At the same time I want to help children have broad perspective to their own world and see how much potential they have in the future.

As a participant, I love SCC’s tolerance and open-mind attitude to anyone. It doesn’t matter what nationality, religious and educational background a person has. SCC just considers that “difference” is our “personality” and “difference” makes our society more “colourful”.
As a volunteer, I love to meet various people and make a lot of international friends through SCC’s activities. This opportunity makes my everyday life more exciting and stimulates in a good way.

People can show their differences with confidence in the society. This is “diversity” to me, and it is not only for external differences but also internal differences as well." - Yuki


Board of Director

Sunyoung is a General Manager of SCC, along with Keiko. She is on the Board of Directors with Keiko and Chiharu Uchida.
"At SCC, I want to create and provide a place for mothers of different nationalities and cultures to foster connections and gain opportunities. I want to help them to integrate with the community, and play an active role in the community.

I love SCC because it has a cultural diversity that is not biased towards one nationality or culture. The participants in SCC activities are also highly interested in foreign cultures and education, and I feel that it is wonderful that they utilise each other's strengths to make creative places through collaboration.

I think diversity is created by the individuality of each person.
Recognising diversity means being interested in, and respecting, each and every human being."


Senior cooking instructor

My main career is teaching Thai culture as instructor. I am so proud and happy to meet many people and share my culture. Cooking, I am also passionate with cooking. Thank you SCC for giving me a wonderful opportunity with this position, senior cooking instructor. I am really happy when I am in the kitchen with various friends.

I love both as a volunteer and a participant.
As volunteer, I can help and share. ( be Giver)
As participant, I can gain the new things. (Be receiver) how wonderful !

I think "diversity" means mixing but not messy.


OYACO's Room playgroup leader

Elena is a key member of the Oyaco's Room Parent Support team. She runs may of the Oyaco sessions, especially craft activities.

"I’m happy that I can connect with families from different backgrounds and share not only my own culture and language but also my experience with gentle parenting and attachment parenting which starts when pregnancy does. That’s why I consider Oyaco Room is the right place on SCC.

I enjoy participating in the organization of different activities for SCC and specially matching foreign parents with the right group or person so they can get support. And SCC is the best place to meet both parties.

Diversity is found on each person when they go to meet each other. It always calls for respect and some understanding is necessary. SCC is a good platform to show how different is good."


Workshop designer/facilitator

Mayumi is a Team Building Coordinator, along with Miki. Together they organize team building opportunities for SCC full members and supporters. They plan and arrange team building seminars or workshops at the SCC members meeting.

"I want to help people get more opportunities to be connected to society. I do this through planning and supporting SCC workshop that they can enjoy as its participant, its facilitator.

For me, “diversity” means respecting other people as they are. But never giving up trying to understand each other.

I love SCC because it is fun!" - Mayumi


Workshop designer/facilitator

Miki is a Team Building Coordinator, along with Mayumi. Together they organize team building opportunities for SCC full members and supporters. They plan and arrange team building seminars or workshops at the SCC members meeting.

"Through my work with SCC I want to help people by making an atmosphere that’s non-hierarchical, equal and full of smiles!

As an SCC volunteer I love to share time with reliable friends and it’s exciting to do projects with them.
As a participant in SCC activities, I love spending pleasurable time with people who come from many kinds of backgrounds. It enriches my mind.

For me, diversity is having curiosity about each other and feeling comfortable expressing ourselves."


translation coordinator

Asako is the SCC Business Translation Coordinator. She receives translation orders from SCC partner companies and individual partners, and bridges between translators and clients.

"I love SCC because we can connect with people from various countries in SCC. We can have experiences of many countries even though we're in Japan. I joined the OYACO booklet project. I am happy if it helps many international families in this area. For me “diversity” is to respect, know, and listen to each other."


OYACO editor in chief

Former gender and development specialist. Now, a housewife in Japan. Has sociology background and loves to travel. Currently, back to blogging about travelling in Japan, writing about women and parenting issues, learning drawing, sewing, photography. Sometimes create postcards and patterns.

"Through the Oyaco Parent Support project, I want to help first-time parents who are living in Japan, with useful information. In the future I want explore Indonesian nature with kids, using drawing.
My favourite SCC activity is reading Indonesian children book for kids with different background. It’s so fun! Also, publishing the Oyaco booklet is challenging to do.
Diversity is about respecting each other!"


Founder / Representative Director / Elementary School English Activities Instructor

Sharing Caring Culture founder. Keiko Misaka  is a General Manager of SCC, along with Sunyoung. She was raised in the U.S for three years and has a strong commitment to diversity. With the experience of over 10 years of an English school and Japanese elementary school teacher, Keiko started Sharing Caring Culture in 2014 to promote international friendships and understanding between Japanese and non-Japanese through cooking, art, and other cultural activities.