About the free OYACO parenting booklet :

– Mom from the United States

” I would like to thank all your contribution to making this book.
I came about 9 months ago, and I found this book very useful for me.”

– Mom from Indonesia

“I find this booklet very helpful! I am excited for the updated one!”
– Mom from the Philippines

“OYACO booklet and its workshops are the perfect guides for those newly entered Japan
and about to start a new life. “

– Mom from Pakistan


From SCC members :

“As I moved to Japan I was very happy to find SCC and join their activities. I took part in the onigiri and Malaysian cooking courses, Halloween events, Picnics and many others…After I could even support SCC as a photographer and team member and contribute to a new OYACO Booklet. At SCC I have the possibility to meet new people from all over the world, learn more about Japan and other countries and spend great time with my kids! Thank you, SCC!”
– Anastasia, OYACO editing member/photographer



“I found out about SCC through my local pediatric clinic. I’ve always been searching for a way to make a commitment to the local community, and finally found SCC where I can make use of my bilingual skills as well as my experiences of living abroad (and coming back to live in Japan as a “returnee” student). I love the diverse culture and welcomingness of the SCC group, and look forward to seeing more and more members join us!”
– Yuna, PR officer/website administrator



“I feel proud and happy to be a Project Coordinator at SCC! What I liked the most in working with SCC projects is, the PROCESS of project planning- meeting and idea sharing with people from diverse backgrounds. Reaching a “team project achievement” together gives me immense pleasure! Being involved in many projects has improved my time management skills and punctuality! To me, giving the freedom to implement my ideas into projects gives me the drive to get involved in even more projects! Thank you SCC for believing in me!”
– Akhila, project coordinator



I’ve been interested in meeting new people, travelling, beach, picnic, yoga. Within SCC, I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of organizing a talk event about immigration, mom’s gathering, supporting a workshop of papercut art for kids, Ukulele for kids, and much more!
– Mayumi, workshop designer/facilitator





  • Family Malaysian Cooking Event in 2020 at JA cooking studio, Center Kita

  • Family Malaysian Cooking Event in 2020 at JA cooking studio, Center Kita

  • Multilingual storytime at Tsuzuki Myplaza in 2021, read a story in German

  • Family rice ball making event in 2019 at Tsuzuki Minka en