About the free OYACO parenting booklet :

– Mom from the United States

” I would like to thank all your contribution to making this book.
I came about 9 months ago, and I found this book very useful for me.”

– Mom from Indonesia

“I find this booklet very helpful! I am excited for the updated one!”
– Mom from the Philippines

“OYACO booklet and its workshops are the perfect guides for those newly entered Japan
and about to start a new life. “

– Mom from Pakistan


From SCC members :

“As I moved to Japan I was very happy to find SCC and join their activities. I took part in the onigiri and Malaysian cooking courses, Halloween events, Picnics and many others…After I could even support SCC as a photographer and team member and contribute to a new OYACO Booklet. At SCC I have the possibility to meet new people from all over the world, learn more about Japan and other countries and spend great time with my kids! Thank you, SCC!”
– Anastasia, OYACO editing member/photographer


“I found out about SCC through my local pediatric clinic. I’ve always been searching for a way to make a commitment to the local community, and finally found SCC where I can make use of my bilingual skills as well as my experiences of living abroad (and coming back to live in Japan as a “returnee” student). I love the diverse culture and welcomingness of the SCC group, and look forward to seeing more and more members join us!”
– Yuna, PR officer/website administrator


I’ve been interested in meeting new people, travelling, beach, picnic, yoga. Within SCC, I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of organizing a talk event about immigration, mom’s gathering, supporting a workshop of papercut art for kids, Ukulele for kids, and much more!
– Mayumi, workshop designer/facilitator





  • Family Malaysian Cooking Event in 2020 at JA cooking studio, Center Kita

  • Family Malaysian Cooking Event in 2020 at JA cooking studio, Center Kita

  • Multilingual storytime at Tsuzuki Myplaza in 2021, read a story in German

  • Family rice ball making event in 2019 at Tsuzuki Minka en