Do you need help with accessing healthcare or education in Yokohama? Do want to learn practical Japanese? Or just make friends? Do you need any other kind of help or support?

We can help you.


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Daily Life
Emergencies and Natural Disasters

Our events
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Daily Life
When you have difficulties with the Japanese language and living in Aoba-Ku, you can contact:
■AOBA International Lounge supports foreign residents’ lives and provides information. Email
Website Phone: 045-989-5266
Living Guide of Aoba Ward:

■Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges (YOKE)

Information for Living in Japan:

■Living Guide of Yokohama City

■Living Guide for International People Living in Yokohama:

■Koho Yokohama newsletter:

■Living Guide for Foreign Residents in Japan

■Living in Tokyo: A Comprehensive Guide for Expats

■Blog about raising kids in Japan:

■Yokohama Official Visitors Guide:

■Japan Travel Guide:


Education prior to elementary school is provided at daycare centers (Hoikuen) and kindergartens (Yochien). The difference between Hoikuen and Yochien is as follows.
■Hoikuen, Nursery, Daycare:

Hoikuen is based on the Child Welfare Act and typically provide child-care services for the children of working parents. There are two types of daycare providers, private daycares and public daycares. Competition for the enrolment of public daycares is often quite stiff due to the growing number of working parents.
Application October for entering in April (next year)
How to apply
Apply in the ward office (notes: for non-authorized, directly to each daycare) Fee Ranges from free to ¥58,100 per month (different for each facility)
Availability Hours Working hours (07.30 a.m.-19.00p.m.) some facilities offer extended hours.

■Yochien, Kindergarten:

Yochien is based on the School Education Law and considered educational facilities with the aim of encouraging the growth and development of small children in a suitable environment. However, the educational approach varies considerably in kindergartens. There are two types of kindergarten, privately or publicly run.
Usually, the application starts on October 15th and the interview takes place in November for entering in April (next year).
Fee Varies by facility
Availability: Hours Generally from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Azukari hoiku Program where yochien extends hours to take care of the children. Available until the late afternoon/early evening.
Notes: For elementary school, the ward office sends Shugaku Tsuchi or notice of school enrolment in mid-October. No registration is required, but health check-up is mandatory.


■Multilingual Medical guide:

■Helping your healthcare needs in Japan:

Medication Record Book

This is a personal “Okusuri Techo”, or My Medication Record Book.
It is helpful for keeping track of your current and past medications and your medication history.
It will be used for medical specialists to understand your health condition.

Why is an “Okusuri Techo” necessary?
There are many international residents in Japan, as many as 198,504 in Kanagawa Prefecture, 91,721 in Yokohama City (January 2018).
The number of their countries and regions is 173 in Kanagawa Prefecture, 152 in Yokohama City. One of the most difficult problems is communication. Those who don’t speak Japanese well cannot explain their medical situations such as their own medications, their medical history, allergies, and need for halal medicines.

★ Your ‘Okusuri Techo’ is also needed in the following situations: In the case of emergency:
If you become ill while on a trip in Japan,
If you need to be transported by an ambulance to a hospital,
In the case of disasters:
If you do not have any medications with you in an evacuation site

★Important Notes:
Okusuri Techo belongs to each person. It is better to select a family pharmacy that you
can rely on for all of your prescription needs.


Emergencies and Natural Disasters
Emergencies and disasters can happen. At least be prepared for these kinds of situations. Some basic information related to emergency and disaster issues is as follows:
1-1-9 is an emergency telephone number that provides IMMEDIATE access to FIRE and EMERGENCY MEDICAL services. 1-1-9 is a free call from any payphone.

Call 1-1-9 to report a Fire, Heart Attack, other Serious Medical Conditions or Injury or any situation requiring the IMMEDIATE response of a Fire Truck, Ambulance.
1. The location of the Emergency
2. The Phone Number Where the Emergency is
3. The Nature of The Emergency
DO NOT CALL 1-1-9 For Road / Travel / Severe Weather Information, Complaints of Loud Noise, etc.