For those who want to be involved in community activities and use their skills, we hold a cross-cultural workshop session and offer international people the chance to be an instructor. We hold a workshop based on the culture of one’s home country, which would feature music, dance, arts and crafts, sewing or home cooking. Also, in response to the needs of international people who want to learn Japanese cooking and culture, we hold a class offered by a Japanese Instructor.

kruco×kruco intercultural program for kids

SCC has been engaged in offering activities which aim to encourage an active interaction with people from different cultural backgrounds.

The year 2019, we were awarded a grant from Docomo Mobile Communication grant and use the money especially for children to help raise children’s awareness of diversity.

<What We Do>

 The project is composed by three main cultural activities :

  1. Multilingual story time: Three story tellers  will share stories of their country. Cultural activities related to the story will be offered too. 
  2. World Events: Experience diverse festivals and ceremonies around the world through arts and crafts, music and game.
  3. Family hands-on Cooking Class: Cooking brings people together. This cooking class welcome children into the kitchen along with their parents and learn different dishes from different countries in English and plain Japanese.

<Who Can Join>

  • School age kids and one adult who can take part in a survey.
  • We also accept preschool kids’ participation but please note that the contents are designed for the school age children.

<Participation Fee> Free of charge

*Please fIll out the questionnaire and take part in monitoring survey. Note that Questionnaire is for a child and their parent.

<Yearly Schedule October 2019 – June 2020>


 ・Cooking – Oct 2  Try Japan Riceball Making Event @ Tsuzuki Minka-en

 ・World Event – Nov 2  Thai Loy krathong Event  @ Kohoku Minamo


 ・World Event – Jan 18 Chinese Spring Festival @ Kohoku Minamo

 ・Cooking – Feb 8 Malaysian Cooking @ JA cooking studio, Center Kita

 ・Storytime- Feb 15 Multilingual Storytime @ Tsuzuki MY Plaza, Center Kita

 ・Cooking – Mar 26 Indian Cooking @ Artforum Azamino

 ・World Event –  Easter   to be scheduled in March    

  ・Storytime-  Multilingual Storytime    to be scheduled in April

  ・Cooking – Thai Cooking    to be scheduled in May

  ・World Event –  Indian Festival   to be scheduled in May

  ・Cooking –  Japanese Cooking   to be scheduled in June

  ・Storytime-  Multilingual Storytime    to be scheduled in June

▼How to Register
Send email to
with parent’s name, your child’s name and age, phone number
with email subject : kruco for kids