The SCC Fellow is the one who engages in activities as an SCC player, supporter or join the events as a participant. There are three different member types, according to their level of commitment.

  1. Full Member
    Individuals that agree to promote the objectives of SCC and obtain its membership as a *votable member who actively governs the SCC.
    *We hold Annual General Meeting once a year at the end of fiscal year and Full members have a right to vote at the meeting.
  2. Supporter
    Individuals that agree to support the objectives of SCC and participate in a project or event as an implementation team member.
  3. Friends
    Individuals who mainly join in activities as a participant. They receive our newsletter and can join events for a discounted price. They don’t run events or projects themselves.

How to become SCC Fellow?

  1. Full member
    We appreciate your interest to be a full member, but we would like to ask you join our events for a couple of times and understand what SCC is. So please contact the executive director directly for being a full member.
  2. Friends
    Submit the SCC Friends Registration form and pay the annual membership fee.
    You will receive the SCC Friends’ membership card in turn. SCC Friends will get the benefit whenever you show the card at the event or session you join.
  3. Supporter
    Submit the SCC Fellow Registration form.  After having an interview with a project leader, confirm how to commit the project.