Sharing Caring Culture ( hereinafter referred to as SCC ) is an organization founded in 2014 by a group of women of diverse ethnic backgrounds living in Japan. We felt that by empowering international people to take on the challenges of life overseas, we could build a platform where they could enjoy life in Japan. It is with this idea that we began our activities towards creating a place where international families could share their efforts and energy with others.

Our aim is for women with various backgrounds to work together towards making a better society in which international people and Japanese can support one another alike, instead of the relationship weighted in one direction.

We know that Japanese language is a big hurdle for many international people living in Japan. However, even for people who are not good at Japanese but available in English, there must be the home-country culture or any activities to share with.

We are providing opportunities for people from other countries who want to contribute their knowledge, experience and skills, regardless of Japanese ability.

SCC offers 
① Playgroup sessions
② Multi-cultural program “kruco×kruco” (“cross×cross” in Esperanto)
③ Publishing childcare reference booklet OYACO in English

People from China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Thai and Japan are running the diversity inclusion project “kruco ×kruco for kids”.