Gender Equality Workshop

We held our first Gender Equality Workshop at Art Forum Azamino on Nov 14th.

11 participants came out to join the session including university students, foreign residents, and senior citizens.

The director of Art Forum Azamino gave the opening speech about how this pandemic situation of COVID-19 is affecting women’s lifestyle negatively and what kind of services or opportunities women can receive from Art Forum Azamino.

Three speakers from SCC, Zoe, Sofia, and Matthew delivered the presentations on how they feel about the gender inequality in Japan based on their own backgrounds and experiences, for example “a boy is not allowed to wear a pink shirt at school” or “Japanese society set very low expectations about what females can achieve”.

Their speeches encouraged each participant to think about the current status of gender inequality in Japan.

During the discussion time, the participants talked about about their current situations or problems regarding the gender gap in Japan.

This workshop was covered by the Kanagawa Shinbun newspaper, issued on Nov 15th.

We will discuss more about the Gender Gap in the next workshop that will be held on Feb 6th, 2021.