Crafty Me third session report by Ayu

Last week we have our third session of 🪢Crafty Me and our dear participant Ayu wrote the report for us. Thank you.

“Kicking off 2022 Crafty Me, we had a bunch of excitement! First of, the duration of our session has extended. All thanks to the amazing organizers, now we can start from 10:15 to 12:30. It was a huge difference! Finally, we had enough time chatting, relaxing and finishing our craft of the day.

We also had a new fresh addition to the group, Yukie, though lives one-hour and half away, she made such an effort to join us. Soon, we were in awed by her handmade accessories and Hina dolls. Hopefully she can share her crafty skills with all of us someday.

Then it was time of this month’s topic, Hand Lettering, led by the incredible Akhila. She taught us the basic skill of lettering. How we should move our hands and use the calligraphy pens. For the first time ever, the room was in silence. Since all of us were so much into our exercise papers. Such a calming activity, yet it was easy to get it done.

Lastly, we had a new feature in our space, “the take-me-home-table”, where we can share and take anything on the space. Lovely Keiko kindly shared with us a box full of paper made flower.

A room full of inspiration, creativity and kindness. There’s no place like it to start the year with all the right energy other than in Crafty Me.”