Multilingual Storytime

\Multilingual Storytime @ Shimomaruko Library Nov10,2019/

SCC is basically offering our activities at around northern Yokohama area, but thankfully we were given a chance to hold multilingual storytime at a library in Ota-ku.

Passionate SCC members from Costa-Rica, and Thai engaged in getting children to different languages, and we picked the book “ The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.
This famous book is known across a globe and has been translated into 62 languages so we thought this will bring joy to children even if they don’t understand English, Spanish and Thai.

Before starting the storytime, kids greeted in Japanese, English, Spanish, and Thai and learned about geography including world maps, flags, countries, and Country capitals.
Multilingual storytime was our first try so it was a bit challenging, but we realized that reading in different languages allow children being exposed to a different world and encourage them to feel the “difference “.

SCC will keep on immersing children in culturally diverse activities and gives them the opportunity to become more comfortable with the difference in race, religion, and language.
We will have this multilingual storytime again on December 15th at Kosha 33, Naka ward in Yokohama.

See you there!