Partnership Cases: Cooperation in the project of Athome After School 協働事例 @ 認定NPO法人あっとほーむのプロジェクトへの協力

On August 25th, our international members from India, Malaysia, and Indonesia visited after-school and introduced three books that will foster respect and open-mindedness for other cultures and perspectives.

The first book recommended by the Indonesian member is a story on color, “Pink is for Boys”, and her son read it in Japanese to the after-school kids. We expected children to understand that we are all free to choose their favorite color regardless of gender.

The second book was Panchatantra’s story from India. Indian storyteller provided general information on population, language, and diverse culture of India before reading the book.

And the third book was a story related to Islamic culture. Malaysian member introduced us to a book and read us Arabic phrases used in Islamic culture.

After storytime, children asked questions about each country’s elementary school life. Through a couple of times of visits, the children got to know each other gradually and had a fun time together!