Partnership Cases: Collaboration of Circolo Gallery Talk 協働事例: チルコロギャラリートーク

On August 31st, we co-hosted Circolo Gallery Talk with Popola Childcare Support Center of Tsuzuki ward. We aim to learn about diverse cultures from people with different cultural backgrounds and encourage each person to be proud of their uniqueness.

Ayu from Indonesia introduced us to two Indonesian children’s songs, Balonku Ada Lima (I have five balloons) and Puncak Gunung (Top of the Mountain).

It was such a great collaboration that Farah from Malaysia translated the lyrics into Japanese so that all the participants understood the song’s meaning. Ayu and Farah sang together, and participants followed. The children were also attracted and fascinated with the music video shown on the screen.

We also interviewed Ayu about raising children in Japan while introducing songs. Ayu mentioned that in urban areas of Indonesia like Jakarta, maids are mainly in charge of childcare but parents become unaware of their child’s development. On the other hand in Japan, parents are directly involved in child-rearing, which encourages children to become independent and allows parents to notice the child’s changes and growth.