2020-09-20 - 2020-09-20
Yamauchi Chiku Center, Azamino



  • Keiko

Japanese Bonsai Workshop  (Kindly supported by Docomo)

Autumn is the season to transplant Choujubai (Chaenomeles japonica).

In this workshop for children 5 years and older, children make their own bonsai to grow at home.

You can’t wait to see it blooms in the spring.

Date&Time: Sun Sep 20th 10am-11am

Venue: Craft room, Yamauchi Chiku Center in  Azamino

Age: 5 years and older

Participation fee: ¥1,200 / per child   includes material cost and tuition fee

*For SCC members ¥1,000 / per child

Places available: 9 seats

*We limit the number of seats to prevent the spread of COVID-19
Instructor: Hiroko Kimura (Bonsai Environmental Society)

This event is part of the Docomo intercultural program.
There are only 9 places. Please register straight away with the form below:

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Yamauchi Chiku Center, Azamino