The Art of Japanese Calligraphy

The Art of Japanese Calligraphy Experience drawing with sumi ink. Move to the art exhibition room and enjoy art appreciation with art communicators. You can also make your own calligraphy and share it all together! This is a collaborative program with the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. This event is mainly for children 7 years and…

外国人と考える ジェンダーギャップ ワークショップ(全2回)

ワンオペ育児、家事と仕事の両立など一人で抱えすぎていませんか? NPO法人Sharing Caring Cultureの外国人3名がゲストスピーカーとなり、 日本のジェンダーギャップの姿を映し出します。さらに、グループワークを通して、 一人ひとりが家庭で取り組めるアクションプランを考えていきます。 (more…)

Home Education Seminar

How to educate your children at home, even if they go to school. At this seminar you’ll get clear, practical advice on home education.

Kids’ Programming Workshop in English

This month we have a programming workshop for kids aged 6-10. Programming is a powerful and fun way for your child to express themselves. In this beginner’s 2-hour workshop your child will use their imagination to create a unique game. We’ll use a simple but powerful programming language so your child will learn how to…

Mommy and Me Christmas Arrangement Workshop

Mommy and Me Workshop - Christmas arrangement with English playtime 親子(おやこ)でえいご☆クリスマスアレンジメントをつくろう! えいご遊(あそ)びつき♪ ●日時 にちじ Date& Time: 12月16日(月)10:30am-11:30am Mon Dec.16th ●会場かいじょう Venue: みらい公園 Mirai Kids Park 6F Northport mall, Center Kita ●定員 ていいん Capacity of Seats: 親子15 組 15 mom&child pairs ●参加費 さんかひ Participation Fee: 親子1組¥1,500 (材料費、えいご遊び代込) ¥1,500 per mom&child pair includes material cost, English playtime fee…