OYACO is a collaboration project by mothers and people from different backgrounds. SCC supports families from abroad by providing local information on childcare in English to fill the information gap among them. The booklet “OYACO” is named after oyako(親子 おやこ), “parent and child” in Japanese. We also aim to publish a guide that will encourage “cooperated parenting in the community”.

In April 2022, SCC published OYACO’s second edition in English and easy Japanese with a subsidy from the Yokohama City International Affairs Bureau.
By conducting an online questionnaire and a roundtable talk, we learned that parenting for international families in Japan is surprisingly challenging, especially for families new to the northern Yokohama area, and the language barrier is the biggest hurdle for those who don’t understand Japanese.
To fill the information gap, SCC supporters have compiled the first edition of the booklet in 2018 and updated it in 2022.
Thankfully, 19 culturally diverse people committed to updating the booklet and had a lot of support from the Tsuzuki ward office, Popola childcare support center of Tsuzuki ward, Nonprofit Organization Kodomoto, Certified Nonprofit Organization Chikyu Gakko, and Yokohama City Hokubu Chiiki Ryoiku Center. We express our gratitude to all concerned.

The new OYACO booklet is available now at the following place.

おやこがもらえる場所 ↓↓↓ As of June 1st,2022 <2022年6月1日現在>

Childcare Support Division こども家庭支援課(かていしえんか)

・Tsuzuki ward office 都筑区役所(つづきくやくしょ)MAP

・Kohoku ward office 港北区役所 (こうほくくやくしょ)MAP

・Aoba ward office 青葉区役所(あおばくやくしょ)MAP

Childcare Support Center 子育て支援センター(こそだてしえんせんたあ)

・Popola (Tsuzuki ward) ぽぽら (つづき)MAP

・Drop (Kohoku ward ) どろつぷ (こうほく)MAP

・Laful(Aoba ward) らふうる(あおば)MAP

・Ippo (Midori ward) いつぽ (みどり)MAP

・Smile Port (Nishi ward) すまいるぽおと (にし)MAP

▼△▼You can download the OYACO booklet PDF for free. Please click the button here▼△▼




A great honor to hear that “OYACO is a LIFESAVER ! “
With our dedicated OYACO publication project members

A behind the scenes look into the OYACO publication process