Reporting session & film party by SCC


To fill the information gap and change the quality of international families’ parenting in Japan, Sharing Caring Culture compiled the local parenting information with foreign-born mothers.

We will hold a report session on this project to share the challenges of foreign parents and will have a film show that helps increase awareness of human rights in Japan.

■日時 Date&Time
4月10日(日)Sun. April 10th, 2022
14:00 pm – 16:00 pm

■会場 Venue
アートフォーラムあざみ野 2階
2F Seminar room 2, Artforum Azamino

■参加費 Fee
¥500 / 大人1名person(adult)

■当日の予定 Timeline

Report session on parenting booklet publication project

What we found through the online survey and parenting roundtable talk

〜The challenges that international families are facing

The process of making the booklet, Q&A session

14:30- 16:00
・ドキュメンタリー映画「ハーフ」の上映Documentary film show “Hafu”

For more details on the film, please refer to this website.
日本語 Japanese:
英語 English:
スペイン語 Español:

■申し込み Signup:
4/9 までにお申し込みください。
Fill in the google form and sign up by April 9th.


This project is funded by the subsidy from the City of Yokohama International Affairs Bureau that supports projects to help realize a creative society by promoting multiculturalism.