OYACO Publication Report Session and Documentary Film Show/子育て情報冊子OYACOおやこ制作プロジェクト報告会・上映会

We are pleased to announce that SCC has published OYACO’s second edition in English and easy Japanese with a subsidy from the Yokohama city International Affairs Bureau.
On Sunday, April 10th, Sharing Caring Culture held a report session on this booklet publication.
The survey researchers from Malaysia and India and the editor-in-chief from Indonesia shared the challenges and findings of international families’ parenting, especially those who live in the northern Yokohama area.
By conducting the online questionnaire and a roundtable talk, we learned that living with kids in Japan is surprisingly challenging, and the language barrier is the biggest hurdle.
Above all, for families new to the area who don’t understand Japanese.
To fill the information gap, SCC supporters have compiled the first edition of the booklet in 2018 and updated it in 2021.
Thankfully, 19 culturally diverse people committed to updating the booklet and had a lot of support from the Tsuzuki ward office, Popola childcare support center of Tsuzuki ward, Nonprofit Organization Kodomoto, Certified Nonprofit Organization Chikyu Gakko, and Yokohama City Hokubu Chiiki Ryoiku Center. We express our gratitude to all concerned.
After the report session, we also had a documentary film show: HAFU, a story about people, kids, and adults who are mixed-race Japanese and their multicultural experiences.
The film show was a valuable opportunity to think about what diversity is and the shape of diverse families.

The new OYACO booklet is available now at the Tsuzuki ward office, Childcare Support Center Popola, and Tsuzuki MY plaza. We will start the distribution across Yokohama city. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Instagram for the details on the distribution point!