Partnership Cases: Go on a Thai tour with Eve! あーすぷらざ様との協業 イブさんとわくわくタイ旅行! 開催

SCC had an intercultural kids program on April 16 (Sat.) at Kanagawa Plaza for Global Citizenship, Earth Plaza.
Earth Plaza is a facility that provides a place for visitors to learn and deepen their awareness of international understanding, peace, and global issues to enhance the consciousness of Global Citizens.
Eve from Thailand guided the children around the exhibition room and introduced us to Thai culture.
We wrote our names in Thai and played some Thai games together in a group. Eve also showed us how to greet people in a Thai manner.
One Thai and Japanese mixed-raced kid who participated in the event said that entering the replica house had made him feel like visiting his grandma’s house in Thai!
Thank you for running the session, Eve!