Crafty Me session report from June

Last week, in our 🪢Crafty Me session we learned, guided by our friend Yukie, how to make a Japanese flower hair pin in a relaxed athmosphere.
Kids were so nice and let us do our craft, peace generates peace. And for that, we also practiced our regular meditation with our friend Akhila. We got to close our eyes and enjoy the quietness.
We enjoyed yummy iced coffee and Indian coconut caramels and we’re able to take some ginger tea bags from our TAKE ME HOME table. TAKE ME HOME table is just a spot where we put things that might be re-homed by other members for FREE. So far we have had lots of stationary, sweets, paper flowers, etc.
And COMING UP… HELP TO HELP TABLE where you can bring canned food ready-to-eat to be given away to neighbors without a home (homeless).
Moms got to relax and kids got to see mom doing something just for themselves. New experiences for all.
A big shout out to our newest friend (baby boy L) who was BORN on Sunday, just a few days after attending our session with mom and big brother. Our best wishes to the Lee family.
Please join us in our next session this June.