The Third Annual General Meeting 2022☕第3回通常総会

For these two years, we have been unable to meet up in person for our AGM, but finally, we did it! On May 28th, we held our third AGM to share our necessary business updates and our achievements in the fiscal year 2021. After the meeting, we had lunch together and enjoyed a tasty meal prepared by Mom’s Dining cook, Ms.Sakurai. Also, we had an icebreaker game, “What do we have in common?” and did it in small groups. Each group discussed the commonalities and wrote it down as much as they could for 5 minutes. Members were so motivated to get a prize! The winning group wrote 18 things in common, and one touching answer was “We all love SCC”!
Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.
ーHellen Keller

Let’s keep up the good work!



Photos by Andrew Woolner