Partnership cases:Circolo Gallery Talk-Pakistan Hospitality 協働事例:チルコロギャラリートーク- パキスタンのおもてなし

On Tuesday, July 26th, we had a Circolo Gallery Talk session at Popola Childcare Support Center of Tsuzuki Ward. Today’s talk was about Pakistan Hospitality, presented by our member Ms. Saira Batalvi from Pakistan. Ms. Saira began by teaching everyone how to say ‘Hello’ in the Pakistani language. After a simple self-introduction by everyone, Ms. Saira explained that she chose today’s theme as ‘Pakistan Hospitality’ since she found it different from other countries.
We watched two videos about Pakistan Hospitality. In both videos, the tourists visiting Pakistan explained that they were always presented with gifts and were given everything for free whenever they tried to pay for anything.
The video also mentioned that Pakistani people give more importance to family and traditions than money and wealth.
Ms. Saira said that guests are a blessing, and she had taught to treat guests with kindness and respect in her religion.
Lastly, Ms. Saira introduced us to a Pakistani chai and gave us simple step-by-step instructions so that we could make chai at home and enjoy it with family.
In such a short time, we learn so many things about Pakistan, the country, its people, and of course…. how to make delicious Pakistani chai!

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