Partnership Cases 協働事例: Presentation of OYACO project 子育て情報冊子プロジェクト

The representative director of SCC had a presentation at the event hosted by the City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau Citizen Collaboration Promotion Department.
She talked about our OYACO childcare booklet publication project as a case of citizen-government collaboration.
We understand that living with kids in Japan is surprisingly challenging, especially with language. Sometimes, international families who are newly arrived have difficulties acquiring information in Japanese.
Sharing Caring Culture compiled local childcare information to fill the information gap of international families and published a reference booklet in English and plain Japanese.
Additionally, the ward office provides information for the residents of the ward, but close residents of the border would prefer to have information about neighborhood wards.
We thought it was our role as a nonprofit to cross administrative districts and give more options if international parents are looking for English-speaking pediatricians or nurseries around their neighborhood.
The OYACO parenting booklet is available at the Children and Families Support Division of Tsuzuki, Aoba, Kohoku, and Midori wards.