Oyaco Parenting Group: Terrible 2s and Horrible 3s

This week we had our monthly Oyaco session at Azamino Arts Forum.
About 10 families joined to chat about the Terrible 2s and Horrible 3s.
After introducing ourselves and our kids, we finger played and danced with the popular song Baby Shark, then we enjoyed a picture show by Risa with cute Yadachan (who always said NO to anything and everything).

Later on, we participated in a visual activity where we wrote one of the difficult situations our kids act on like eating slowly or refusing to take a shower, also we saw how each mom tries to deal with her own situation at home and we heard creative ways suggested by other moms. We all came to the conclusion that while it will PASS, we have to be loving and creative in the meantime.

Thank you so much to the participants and support staff for attending today.

We are looking forward to our next session on September 11th. It will be online and with the theme of First Aid Kit for Kids.