Chopstick Making Event お箸(はし)づくり

Thank you so much for joining our chopsticks-making event on March 25th. The instructors from the Ohashi Project guided us through the history of chopsticks,and kids learned what the はし(hashi) means in Japanese. Then they chose their chopstick made of a Sakura tree and
measured the length that fits their hand. Some kids cut the length with a small saw! Following that fun part, they wrote their name with a burning pen.The instructor suggested drawing a mark on the chopstick where you place the thumb so that children will understand how to use the chopstick easily.Before practicing the chopstick use, the instructor asked us to hold a pencil and write the number one.Finally, we coated the chopstick with oil and took it back home! We hope you enjoy your meal with your handmade chopstick!