Partnership Cases 協働事例: Nonprofit Athome afterschool 認定NPO法人あっとほーむ

SCC and Athome are both nonprofits based in Tsuzuki. In 2022, Athome afterschool started a new project themed on supporting local international families.

The project came out like this. Shoko Oguri, the representative director of Athome, is a lecturer of “Things You Should Know Before Entering Elementary School ~ Be prepared for the hurdle of the first grade (sho ichi no kabe) “. SCC found that session informative for the international families and asked Oguri san if we could share it in English. She agreed with our request for the recorded video translation, and we shared the information with international families. Also, one idea popped into Oguri san’s head when SCC confirmed the translation. It was the project of Japanese elementary school children and international families mingling and sharing local information to support foreigners’ life in Japan.

Thankfully, Athome welcomed us a lot, and whenever we visited they invited us to do craft-making, games, and snack time. SCC members’ families read a book in English and Japanese and we had a cultural exchange session. We visited four times, and the most impressive one was the final presentation done by the afterschool kids. They created the slides by themselves and presented about Japanese elementary school life. One Indian mom who attended the presentation with her 8yrs old son said, “I wanted to know this information two years ago! ” Thank you Athome! We were so happy to spend time together.



ありがたいことに、あっとほーむは私たちを歓迎してくれて、学童を訪れるたび、工作やゲーム、おやつタイムに誘ってくれました。SCCメンバーの家族は英語と日本語の絵本を読んで、文化交流の場にもなりました。4回訪問しましたが、印象的だったのは、あっとほーむの子どもたちが行った最後のプレゼンテーションです。自分たちでスライドを作り、日本の小学校生活について発表しました。8歳の息子と参加したインド出身のお母さんは、”2年前にこの情報を聞きたかった!”と言っていました。 いっしょに楽しい時間を過ごせてよかったです! ありがとうございました!