Experiencing the Japanese drum, Taiko 和太鼓体験

Everyone’s eyes were gleaming with excitement as they entered the room to see many Japanese drums, Taiko. It was a great day to learn to play the traditional instrument. Seeing everyone’s excitement, Tsubo sensei demonstrated how to play the Taiko. Everyone in the room, from babies to adults, were mesmerized and excited to try playing the Taiko. Tsubo sensei taught different rhythms and shared some techniques on how to get different sounds from the Taiko. Tsubo sensei told us, Taiko is not just about technique, but also how the song or rhythm makes you feel. Tsubo sensei gave a short performance using a light weight Taiko named Furoke. Playing Taiko was also a good exercise because it requires the drummer to stand in a certain posture. It was a joyful and fun-filled 1.5 hour session! We look forward to seeing you in the next intercultural SCC program.


See video 動画はこちら