Multilingual Storytime – Stories of Bhutan, Costa Rica, and Indonesia 多言語おはなし会 – ブータン・コスタリカ・インドネシア

Thank you so much for coming out to join our Multilingual Storytime on May 21st! We welcomed our cultural ambassadors for the day. The storytellers are from Indonesia and Costa Rica, and one of our newest members is from Bhutan.
After a brief introduction, kids pinned on the colorful world map and checked out the countries geologically. Following the summary of each story in English and Japanese, we listened to stories from different countries.
The Indonesia story showed how the kids practice rice crackers to celebrate independence day. The second short story from Costa Rica taught us about empathy when our friends having a hard time. The last story from Bhutan reminded us about true happiness.
At the end of the session, we played a couple of games: A rice cracker eating contest, an animal sound guessing game, and rock scissors paper game. Each of them ran in the storytellers’ native language.
We had fun while learning about culture and language differences. It was a valuable experience for kids and interesting for adults and SCC staff. Join us in our upcoming activities to let our children have a trip from around the world!

セッションの最後には、いくつかのゲームをしました: おせんべい食べゲーム、 動物の鳴き声当てゲーム、そしてジャンケンゲーム。それぞれ、おはなしを読んだ人の国の言葉でしました。

See video 動画はこちら: