LUSH Father’s Day Charity Pot Campaign with SCC ラッシュジャパン様とSCCのチャリティポット父の日キャンペーンのお知らせ

  We are pleased to announce that SCC has received 105,632 JPY from LUSH Japan for the previously held Mother’s Day campaign.
Thank you very much to all who bought the Charity pots or Charity coins at the stores and those who shared our donation campaign post on social media to spread our campaign goes viral.
  We will use the donation to run a couple of parenting seminars with the experts and gratuities to translators/interpreters for Japanese language support for those newly started parenting lives in Japan.
To be our surprise, we’ve got another chance to have this campaign for Father’s Day at the same stores in Yokohama station from June 14th to 18th!!!
  Please drop by the LUSH Yokohama Joinus or Lumine store and support us financially by purchasing Charity pots or Charity coins. It would be a great pleasure if you could share this post with the following hashtag.

母の日キャンペーンで、LUSH Japan様より105,632円のご寄付をいただきました。