My Country Day 世界のお祭り

  We had ‘My Country Day’ on July 9 at Minamo Mall, Center Minami.
  It was a great day wherein 10 kids from different countries participated to experience the diversity of Japan, India, and Malaysia. After a brief introduction, kids were introduced to the countries of the day and their locations on the world map. Everyone including the kids and parents was excited to learn about these countries and the festivals celebrated by them at different times of the year.
  Japan introduced the Obon festival which honors the spirits. The second was India introducing Makar Sankranti celebrated every year to welcome Spring and to pray for a good harvest. The last from Malaysia introduced Hari Raya celebrated to mark a person’s triumph and success in discipline and self-resistance after the holy month of fasting of Ramadan.
  The event’s highlight was definitely the activities of each country organized by the Cultural Ambassadors. Participants did a hands-on activity of Diffusion Art Fan Making from Japan, Mini decorative Kite Making from India, and Bunga Rampai making from Malaysia.
  We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, Kohoku Minamo, and volunteers who contributed to this event. We look forward to your participation in our future events that continue to
celebrate diversity and create opportunities for cultural exchange!

  7月9日、センター南の港北みなもで「My Country Day」を開催しました。