Beat the summer heat together! みんなで夏の暑さを乗り切ろう

How are you doing in this hot and humid weather?
In response to the requests for an outdoor play event for the energetic children, we had a water play event at Kodomo no Kuni’s Seseragi-hiroba on August 1.
The weather was not so great, with thunderstorms forecast, but we had reserved an indoor room, so after eating lunch, we formed three teams of different ages and played an ice-breaking game.
Adults and children alike enjoyed forgetting about the heat by playing “anything basket,” which also served as self introductions, a team-building game of building tall towers out of paper, and a gesture game.
The next event will be making a haunted house on August 7th and enjoy indoor play. Children of any age are welcome to participate. (0-3 years old must be accompanied by an adult.)
After comparing images of ghosts from around the world, we will make a haunted house out of cardboard and scraps and play with it. Let’s beat the summer heat together!

元気いっぱいの子どもたちのために、外遊びがしたいというリクエストにお応えして 8月1日にこどもの国のせせらぎ広場で水遊びイベントを行いました。