2021-12-10 - 2021-12-10



  • Elena, Risa
JOYFUL DAY  ahead with beautiful decorations and happy times.
We will enjoy a panel theater done by our supporter Risa and other fun activities for your little ones.
Come for your kid to have a much-needed playtime and for you to have an even more needed relaxed chat time with other moms.
Date & Time: Friday December 10th, 10:30am -11:30am
■Venue: Hall C. Yamauchi Chiku Center https://goo.gl/maps/CCa8z7JXtdcxZpC56
■Facilitators: Elena, Risa, and Keiko.
■Participation Fee: ¥300 (facility charge and handout print cost)
Capacity: 10 families
<How to book>
Please email us at Oyaco.kids.scc@gmail.com with the name of the parent and child, the child’s age, and phone number.
Reserve your spot by Dec. 8th.
■日時(にちじ): 12月10日(金) 10:30am -11:30am
■会場(かいじょう): 山内地区センター ホールC https://goo.gl/maps/CCa8z7JXtdcxZpC56
■参加費: ¥300 (会場料、印刷代)
■定員: 10 家族
電話番号(でんわばんごう)を書(か)いて、12月8日までにOyaco.kids.scc@gmail.com  メールで