Partnership Cases: Cooperation in the project of Athome After-school / 協働事例 認定NPO法人あっとほーむ のプロジェクトへの協力

On Wednesday, August 3rd, two of our international members and their sons visited At home to interact with the local Japanese children attending the after-school.

The At home after-school is where elementary school-age kids spend their time in a homely atmosphere. It was such a scorching hot day when we arrived at the facility, but some elder kids handed us a frozen handtowel to get cool down. We were so impressed by their hospitality!

Then we all enjoyed making crafts with the instruction of after-school kids. There was a language barrier between after-school kids and us, but we could make a beautiful bracelet and keyholder with the kids’ dedicated support!

We hope that this experience will give them the courage and confidence to have cross-cultural communication with people from abroad.