LUSH Mother’s Day Charity Pot Campaign with SCC ラッシュとSCCのチャリティポット母の日キャンペーン

   LUSH Joinus Yokohama store and Lumine store (both locates near JR Yokohama station) will run Mother’s Day Charity Pot Donation Campaign for SCC from May 10th to 15th.
All the purchase prices of charity pots (Hand & Body Lotion lids) will go to SCC, and we will distribute our leaflets at the store during the campaign. The leaflets are printed by the social printing company, Ohkawa Printing.
Please drop by the store and buy the charity pot to support SCC!
With your donation, we will:
Offer gratuities to translators/interpreters for our Help Desk 3,000 yen per accompanying interpreter for interviews at schools or procedures at administrative offices, etc.
You will see the Thank You Mom signages in 12 languages of our member’s native language at the store!


ぜひ、お店にお立ち寄りいただき、SCCを支援するチャリティーポットをお買い求めください!皆さまのご寄付で、私たちはヘルプデスクの翻訳者・通訳者への謝礼の提供 ができます。(学校での面接や行政機関での手続きなど、同行する通訳1名につき3,000円)